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Modern women can get a “back-massager” at Walgreens. CVS is also an option. My Hitachi Magic Wand that I bought from Walgreens over 20 years ago is still very much in use. I thought it was discreet when I bought it from the drug store. I was 21 when I bought it. I didn’t realize the entire FREE WORLD used its back massagers in other areas, not just for their tense necks and backs. I am a late bloomer.

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been dubbed the “most famous back massager”. Every lesbian friend I’ve ever had a conversation with about sex toys, has mentioned Hitachi’s magicalelectric wand. This is sometimes called the “magicwand”. I joke that lesbians actually KNOW their toys! Many gay women come to our Bliss Pleasure Parties in the Bay Area and share their favorite sex toys.

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The Magic Wand can be used to massage your back and is a beautiful, useful toy. It plugs into your wall and it’s extremely reliable. It does not need to be charged or have any problems. Also, the massager can be used for partner and masturbation. While it is not the most beautiful vibrator or the most effective, it is reliable and will deliver the results every time.

Here’s some exciting news I am thrilled to share. The Hitach Magic Wand manufacturer now stocks a new waterproof cordless wand, the Mystic Wand. It’s PERFECTION. My customers are proving me right. It’s been on display at our house parties for almost a month, and everyone who touches the item falls in love with it.

The Mystic Wand’s new “skinsafe silicone” design allows for the use of the vibrator on any skin type, even sensitive. To create sensations that are truly extraordinary, massaging sore necks or shoulders can be done. Next, use the rounded tip to massage more sensitive areas of the body with the circular head. The flexible neck of this massager allows you to use it from almost any angle. This will allow you to reach those sweet spots you didn’t even know you had.

This “back-massager” is like Hitachi Magic Wand, but more discreet, sexier, and portable. It can take 4 double AA cells and offers plenty of power to those who want the best toys. It comes with 6 speeds, so it has something for everyone. It’s easy to share it with your partner and enjoy the benefits of using together.

Peyronie’s disease can make a man use sex toy in his private life. This question has been asked by many men with a severely bent genital. Although not strictly a penis issue, it can speak to a man’s ability to enjoy sexual pleasure, so this question should be explored.


Many men have a curvature in their penis. It is not straight. Instead, it bends slightly to the right or left, or up or downward. Many men feel proud of their bent penis. For many women, a slight curvature is attractive. Females who have had their penis curved at the perfect angle for sex have reported that it is more likely that her sensitive spots will be reached by a curving penis.

If a man has a curve too sharp, it can lead to serious health problems. Peyronie is a disease that affects men who have a large curvature. This is when the penis’ connective material stops doing its job. The tissue can be damaged or ruptured by trauma such as an injury to the penis or rough handling of sex (partner-based, solo or partner-based) As it heals this tear, the body creates a thin layer (or scar tissue) to protect it. If trauma or tears continue to recur, more scar tissue will be created. This can lead eventually to the problem.

Scar tissue doesn’t have the flexibility of its replacement connective tissue. As scar tissue builds up, the penis’ flexibility decreases when it moves from a flaccid to an erect position. For instance, if the penis has a lot of scar tissue, the penis won’t be able to grow as tall when it is erect. While the penis is still growing at the same rate as it is used to, the top becomes less connective and the penis curves upward.

Peyronie is not something that many men with the condition find to be any problem. Some people find that it is difficult to penetrate or the scar tissue’s inflexibility makes it painful when the penis is erect.


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